Category: Cinnamon Journals

The Pentlands

  This wisp of cloud rising over the horizon casts its silver haze over these hills that know my name The uncurling ferns wiggle their feathery leaves like a flock of geese preparing to take […]


Leaves race across the grass tips and the howling wind drowns my thoughts out thoughts that weigh heavy and press upon me like storm clouds The sun slips behind me unnoticed until I pause to […]


We are eternally complete but incomplete Never fixed, never broken, Always changing, never done I scramble on the ceiling of the world trying to put myself back together in the old way I remember that […]

At the River

At the river I while away hours Thinking to myself that there’s probably something more useful or extraordinary that I ought to be doing but nothing wakes me until the light catches the tendrils that creep up the trees […]

January Hush

  I lie cozy with the earth One ear to the foundations The hum of everything stirring rebirthing Underneath the pregnant hush dreams up spring Raindrops indivisible cradled by a leaf suspended mid-leap towards a […]

The Black Isle

  Sometimes you find a place that has been calling you towards it your whole life. A landscape that has lived within you since the beginning of time. It feels inscribed in your soul. You […]


My Country, Aboriginal Painting by Anna Petyarre Is there a map to guide our way or chart our winding pathways, not from A to B but in these choices that carve the course of our […]

A Journey into the Wild Unknown

Leave behind the voices in your mind. The things undone and moves not yet made. There’s nothing to be fixed, there’s nowhere else to be. Nothing is really so serious. Sink into this moment, feel into […]

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