The Pentlands


This wisp of cloud

rising over the horizon

casts its silver haze

over these hills

that know my name

The uncurling ferns

wiggle their feathery leaves

like a flock of geese

preparing to take flight

into the big blue sky

that knows my name

The heather sings me a lullaby

I remember before memory

and the gorse lights up the sunshine inside me

This bird in my heart

has circled over these hills

since these hills first became

and I fill with every sunrise

and raindrop that touched

the apple tree in blossom

in the valley

and the love with which

the earth took back

its seed that knows my name



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    So beautiful and heartfelt. What a blessing to know these truths you speak of. Thank you for sharing and reminding us that we are known by our name by every being in all shape and form around us.

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