We are eternally complete but incomplete

Never fixed, never broken,

Always changing, never done

I scramble on the ceiling of the world

trying to put myself back together

in the old way

I remember that

An equation of habits,

a jumble of thoughts

not my own,

at least mostly

The shell of the nut was born to break

and everything broken is unbreakable

All is reformed in the furnace of the sun

In the alchemy of the imagination

Nothing’s lost

Nothing gained

but the medicine we created

Everything returns

to cycles

to the circle

to the moon

Shell Nut Tree Earth Rain Wind Sun

and the bird that pollinates

and the yellow butterfly

celestial messenger

finds a landing on my chest

Still dancing

My poor translation –

Hush your stories

dear friend, dear dreamer

turn your ears to the wind

to the wings

to the heart

Let go of outcome

and follow

your song

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